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Since 1991
Service & Support

"Getting the Job Done"

Location: Mid South Area

We understand that up-time is critical. If your system goes off-line for any reason, it can dramatically impact your business. Computer Hardware Services’ optional 4 hour response service can get you in touch with an expert technician to keep your systems up and running quickly. Our personalized service can provide an incredible range of solutions to your specific company needs.

For added peace of mind and to help ensure that your system runs at its peak, CHS offers a 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on new systems. For added convenience, we offer Maintenance Contracts, which allow you to lock into one low price without worrying about additional repair costs, and Retainer Plans, which reserve blocks of time at a discounted hourly rate.

CHS and its staff has been in the computer industry for over 25 years. We want to share that expertise with you.

P.O.Box 85
Nesbit, MS 38651